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Our goal is to make petite women happy by providing well-fitted petite clothing that doesn’t require adjustments

Our Range

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Why our petite clothing is different?

Diverse Petite Palette

Yours truly petite is a brand created to cater to the clothing needs of women under160cms (5’3’’), the fashionistas forgotten by the mainstream industry. Being a member of the petite tribe, we understand the frustration a petite woman experiences when trying to find the perfect fit. Yours truly petite cares and offers a broader petite palette to choose from, so a petite woman is never overlooked again.

Exclusive Petite Clothing Size Charts

Using our exclusive size charts, we are working hard to develop everyday petite dresses tailored to petite heights and small body proportions, to cut the need for alterations. (How we dread alterations and the additional costs they bring!).

Every petite lady deserves to be pampered and cherished.

 Three Petite Clothing Lengths

The Yours Truly Petite team recognizes the diversity of petite heights and is introducing (shortly) petite outfits in three different lengths to choose from. We have divided our petite sizes into three categories based on petite body types, our petite sizes are: 

 P1-150cms (4’11”), P2-155cms(5’1”), and P3-160cms(5’3”).  

Each will be available in four sizes-XS, S, M, and L.

We aspire to serve you better with every new collection because 

together we will build our tribe our way.

If you want to know more about us, please visit our “About us” page.

We care…

Sustainability at Yours Truly Petite

Yours truly petite is a small business with a big heart. It is our commitment to operate responsibly and to care for the community and the environment.

Small Batches at Yours Truly Petite

We’re making our collections in small batches because we know the textile industry generates a lot of waste, and we want to produce as little as possible. Our clothes have a lasting quality, you can dress them up or down to suit your mood and occasion.

Eco-friendly Packaging at Yours Truly Petite

We show that we care by using compostable packaging sourced from a local business, ensuring that it reaches our fabulous petites without harm.

Petite Clothing | Yours Truly Petite

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